Testimonials and Client Stories


"The last several years have seen increasingly positive changes in my life, attitude and overall outlook on life. I contribute many of these changes to the biweekly neurofeedback sessions and the family coaching I have received at The Learning Space. The sessions have had an amazing calming effect on me and overtime have brought the sunshine back in my life!"
"For me, neurofeedback training operates as a veritable epiphany machine. I'm a writer, and I use it when my creativity needs a bit of a jump start. It also helps me push the pause button and approach life's challenges with more intention."
"The neurofeedback is steadying, enlivening, opening and integrating. I have noticed a deepening of relationships: MORE in the relationships I have and an increased interest in expanding room for more. I find myself thinking of new ways of relating and shaking things up...there is more color in all dimensions"
"The BIGGEST part..... it is really hard for me to get ramped up about just about anything. Every aspect of my life in terms of people/relationships is blanketed with a new calm."
"I was thinking back over this year and how much has happened and changed for me. It feels like it began with our session in your office. Things started moving pretty quickly after that. There have been some challenges but overall the changes have been so good for me. I left my relationship and living situation then came down here to Mississippi to spend time with my sister and nephews. That has been extremely rewarding. I have reconnected with a slower way of life and gotten much closer to my sister. I am grateful for that. I also made the commitment to become a yoga instructor. I finally found a teacher that I really want to study with."

About the Learning Space

"The Learning Space is a creative, energetic thinking space for individuals striving to live optimally in all their most important relationships. The Learning Space provides a conceptual space—a place to consider and experience alternate ways of relating."
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