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Andrea Schara, LICSW

Ms. Schara is a Family Systems Coach with 38 years of experience. She specializes in coaching people to have more fun and be more creative as they seek to define a self in their family and social systems. Neurofeedback (zengar.com) is a tool she uses to enable greater integration of the mind/body as people begin to alter old patterns in the relationships system.

Her second book, Your Mindful Compass: Breakthrough Strategies For Navigating Life/Work Relationships In Any Social Jungle, was published in 2013 and is available on Amazon.com.

Currently, she sees individuals and families in Darien, Ct. and in Washington, DC. In addition, she offers family weekend retreats at the Zen Farm in Fredericksburg, Va.

Ms. Schara is also available for meetings and small group learning experiences and currently is teaching in the Navigating Systems program.

See more on her web site www.ideastoaction.wordpress.com
Contact 203-274-1069 or at Arms711@gmail.com

Photo: Madeline Mauboussin, Andrea Schara's granddaughter Photo: Madeline Mauboussin, Andrea Schara's granddaughter