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Regina P. Carrick, LPC

Regina P. Carrick is a licensed professional counselor trained in Bowen Family Systems theory and integrating Zengar neuro-biofeedback into her work with individuals, couples and families.

Over her 15 years of clinical experience, Carrick has worked with folks experiencing a wide variety of physical, emotional and social symptoms. These include, but are not limited to, anxiety, depression, alcoholism and other addictions, marital disruption (conflict, affairs, illness, death, suicide), major life transitions (leaving home, marriage, birth of children, divorce) and chronic illness/chronic pain.

"I believe that Bowen family systems theory offers a way of thinking about problems that creates new options for improvement. The experience of being in relationship to others, particularly our families, is one of the largest variables that influence our individual health and well being. When we function more thoughtfully in these relationships, physical, emotional and social symptoms become less influential.

Neurofeedback provides, in the moment, factual information to the brain about how it works. The brain changes in response to this data. Like glancing in a mirror as you walk by, the brain assesses itself and makes changes towards improvement. Overtime, the brain reorganizes itself so that symptoms drop away, old patterns become irrelevant, and flexibility and resiliency increase.

Knowing more about the incredible factual complexity of our relationship system and our vastly complex individual brains leads to a more neutral and creative response to life’s challenges."

Regina is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays at The Learning Space. She offers time in Arlington, Va at Body Dynamics, Inc (www.bodydynamicsinc.com) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. She is also at the King George Zen Farm in Fredericksburg, VA one Saturday and one Wednesday per month. In addition to individual and family coaching, Regina co-leads individual and family retreats with her colleague, Liz Eitt, at the King George Zen Farm (www.thezenfarm.com).

Regina P. Carrick, LPC Regina P. Carrick, LPC