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Reactivity, Blame and Life Regulations

The pursuit of a difficult scientific problem demands a state of feeling similar to that experienced by a religious person or a lover. Albert Einstein   Can we pause to understand reactivity in the face of real or imagined threats? Would it be useful to society if we were more capable of relating differently to troubled people? Would this require us to alter some very basic responses? Can ...   Read More

Trust in Families: Another View

Traveling provides me with time to think. Over the past three weeks, I have travelled to Texas, Tennessee, and Massachusetts to attend meetings on how to restore trust in families. Listening to the views of others has prompted me to explore the topic critically for myself. How do you build trust in families, who manage assets together? I have been working with families for the past 25 years, ...   Read More

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What is the Help that really helps

Though I’m not generally one for writing end-of-year-letters, this year I’m feeling the urge to weigh in – not with the usual list of places traveled or things accomplished over the year, but with a few thoughts that have come to me along the way. Thanks in part to my new young partner, Andrea Rubinfeld, who is asking probing, thought-provoking questions, I have been forced to examine more deeply ...   Read More

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