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Differentiation of Self: Past and Present

What has been the difficulty of incorporating the ideas from biofeedback and neurofeedback into Bowen's concept of differentiation of self? To address this question, Priscilla Friesen stepped back to look at the history of the development of the idea of differentiation of self beginning at Menninger then NIMH. Before the present technological access to other levels of the systems of physiology and ...   Read More

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Small Differences that Make a Difference

Murray Bowen had a way to make people think differently about the social nature of systems, and the challenges any social systems present to self. There are people who knew Dr Bowen well and who had a great deal of contact with him, and many more who had a brief encounter. Those drawn to Bowen and his theory are often people who are fascinated by systems and believe that problems can be understood ...   Read More

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Neurofeedback Training

Feedback on Two Days of Neurofeedback Training at the Western Pennsylvania Family Center As we start this New Year, I wanted to bring you some cheerful news of how neurofeedback training in the context of Bowen theory was introduced, with positive results, to several people in Pittsburgh. I was able to offer these sessions due to the interest, perseverance and work of Catherine Rakow. She was ...   Read More

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Resilience in the Family - Resilience in the Brain

the following is the presentation Regina gave at the recent Resiliency in the Family & the Brain learning forum... In my work with individuals and families, people will often report a lack of contact with important but difficult members of their family. They will say, ‘that person is really difficult, dysfunctional, mean, toxic, damaging, hurtful or simply annoying” as though this is an ...   Read More

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