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Ideas about Murray Bowen and his Theory on what would have been Dr. Bowen's 99th Birthday

On this anniversary of his birthday, I wanted to acknowledge my gratitude for being able to have a relationship with Dr. Bowen for the last fourteen years of his life. I had both the opportunity to study Bowen theory and to watch and interact with Dr. Bowen. Towards the end of his life Dr. Bowen gave his theory to the world to do with as we might. The theory is a gift to us and people are free to ...   Read More

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Anxiety and Leadership

If it is the second Tuesday in January, then it must be the Leadership Coaching conference in Rochester, New York. Each year I travel north to a meeting led by John Engels, the founder and innovative thinker about leadership, who is both a respected colleague and friend. This "new year tradition" serves the purposes of starting the year off well and providing a way to keep clients, ...   Read More

Neurofeedback Training

Feedback on Two Days of Neurofeedback Training at the Western Pennsylvania Family Center As we start this New Year, I wanted to bring you some cheerful news of how neurofeedback training in the context of Bowen theory was introduced, with positive results, to several people in Pittsburgh. I was able to offer these sessions due to the interest, perseverance and work of Catherine Rakow. She was ...   Read More

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