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The Nuclear Family and the Rabbi

As the nuclear family begins to form, love itself makes it hard to see “reality.” One wants to spend time with the other warm and fuzzy person. It is so hard to see the beginning of the world of compromise. Hard to see how “wanting” to be with the other could be a part of impinging. Relationship pressure can be as silent as a wink, a smile, or even a sad look. We can be beaten, get sick or just make ...   Read More

What are the Costs and Benefits of Leadership Along the Border with Mexico?

Louise Rauseo & Andrea Schara

October 10, 2014, I presented at a conference in El Paso, Texas, honoring Louise Rauseo’s retirement. I have known Louse and admired her work since 1976. Her team asked me to present on my new book, Your Mindful Compass, and talk about the cost and benefits of becoming a leader in your family and in your community... Louise has a life long fascination with families who have endured emotional cut ...   Read More

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Decisions, Decisions - From Ants to Humans

In this blog I have tried to demonstrate one way that scientific research can enable us to consider how our families and other social system function. Traveling along the road of life even ants know when it pays to make decisions as an individual, and when it pays to follow the signals from the group. Read more.     Read More

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