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Differentiation of Self: Past and Present

What has been the difficulty of incorporating the ideas from biofeedback and neurofeedback into Bowen's concept of differentiation of self? To address this question, Priscilla Friesen stepped back to look at the history of the development of the idea of differentiation of self beginning at Menninger then NIMH. Before the present technological access to other levels of the systems of physiology and ...   Read More

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Managing Self and Life Events

In this Family Matters interview, Priscilla Friesen discusses how life events can promote or constrain a family's flexibilty and resiliency in navigating these events. (28 ...   Read More

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Concerns with Children

In this Family Matters interview, Priscilla Friesen highlights a family systems perspective when children are the focus of parental concern. (28 mins.) Family Matters is a joint production of the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family and the University of the District of Columbia.   Read More

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More than Words: Reflections on family reaction to death

How is it that a few people come to see a systems view of life fairly easily, while others struggle? More Than Words is a series of conversations exploring the impact of Bowen theory on people's lives. Bowen trained a second generation of family therapists. The conversations are an opportunity to listen to their memories. Some of the questions we will address are: What was so attractive or even ...   Read More

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Theory & the Emergence of Self

Theory and the Emergence of Self is held monthly. It is a time to deepen one's thinking about the impact of relationships on functioning and to consider how working with Bowen Theory has affected one’s personal life. Two individuals present each session. April's meeting posed thoughtful questions of functioning over the lifecyle. How does an "over- and under-functioning" pattern in a ...   Read More

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Priscilla Friesen Talks About The Learning Space

Priscilla Friesen Talks About The Learning Space

In this video, founder Priscilla Friesen describes the conceptual basis for the creation of The Learning Space in 2005. This forward thinking piece integrates Bowen family systems theory and the contributions of neurofeedback to the knowledge of the brain and relationships.   Read More

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One Author's Inquiry Into Her Family

It’s hard to get an objective picture of the family you grew up in. Our perspective is built into the fabric of our family. Bowen family systems theory describes the differences in people’s ability to live their lives based upon an understanding of the challenges and foibles of our parents, carrying a less polarized perspective into our own life as we create our own families and are members of ...   Read More

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About the Learning Space

"The Learning Space is a creative, energetic thinking space for individuals striving to live optimally in all their most important relationships. The Learning Space provides a conceptual space—a place to consider and experience alternate ways of relating."
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