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Resilience in the Family - Resilience in the Brain

the following is the presentation Regina gave at the recent Resiliency in the Family & the Brain learning forum... In my work with individuals and families, people will often report a lack of contact with important but difficult members of their family. They will say, ‘that person is really difficult, dysfunctional, mean, toxic, damaging, hurtful or simply annoying” as though this is an ...   Read More

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Increase Your Wealth and Health

Recently, I had the opportunity to conduct a retreat, Increase Your Wealth and Health, at the King George Zen Farm. The retreat was designed to increase awareness about our emotional relationship with money. We all have both a factual and an emotional relationship to money. However, when anxiety goes up, our automatic emotional beliefs and assumptions can take over so that the facts get lost. Some ...   Read More

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"The Learning Space is a creative, energetic thinking space for individuals striving to live optimally in all their most important relationships. The Learning Space provides a conceptual space—a place to consider and experience alternate ways of relating."
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