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More than Words: Reflections on family reaction to death

How is it that a few people come to see a systems view of life fairly easily, while others struggle?

More Than Words is a series of conversations exploring the impact of Bowen theory on people's lives. Bowen trained a second generation of family therapists. The conversations are an opportunity to listen to their memories. Some of the questions we will address are: What was so attractive or even compelling about the man and/or his theory? How has the theory been useful? What about the man who some call a paradoxical figure or even a Zen Master? What new roads have been opened from an understanding of theory and what have been the greatest challenges?

Words can easily be misinterpreted or misunderstood. In the telling of our experiences, we are grasping life for a moment and turning it into words. More Than Words is an attempt to better explain what we deeply think and feel that will allow each of you to listen and see living systems emerge as one person finds his or her way to define a self. It is an experiment in understanding how relationships might enhance learning. Our hope is that these stories will allow systems theory to be more deeply communicated in a way that is more than words.

Recorded June 1, 2011, "How did Bowen theory become personally important: Reflections on a family reaction to death" is a conversation between Andrea Schara and Priscilla Friesen in which Friesen remembers her first contact with Dr. Bowen and his ideas. (MP3 file format).

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Susan Atlas says:

Wonderful interview, made my own memories of hearing about theory come alive. I'm waiting to hear the next one!

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