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Casey Anthony Trial: Social Pressure and Thinking for Self in an Emotional Storm

One of the most difficult problems we humans face is how to understand complex problems and who and what to believe.

The recent Casey Anthony trial is a microcosm of the fear one can encounter in standing up for self under intense pressure from others. One of the jurors is now in hiding and many others have reported being fearful for their safety.

Little mention has been made of the fear that may have been generated in the room where the jurors were sequestered. Were these people prepared to stand up for self?

People have reported that one or two jurors were willing to stay for the duration rather than give a guilty plea. Did these jurors understand how to manage self in the intensity of this jury trial? We can imagine the psychological challenges that any individual might have been up against in formulating and communicating his or her understanding of the guilt or innocence of Casey Anthony. Clearly there is a real cost to standing up for one’s beliefs in a small group.    


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