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Consulting to a Family-Owned Business

James E. Maloney (1912 – 2005)

A brilliant, difficult, complex man, my (paternal) Uncle Jimmy was the inspiration that led me to understand how business leaders emerge from their families and apply their knowledge to their work. – A.M.S.

My uncle Jimmy was a tall, skinny guy with glasses who never seemed to be able to wear matched socks or coordinated clothes of any kind. Who could tell he was a genius? Part country nice guy and part geek (long before that word became popular), he never used a calculator. His sharp, calculating mind was well hidden under a baseball cap and an ever-present smile. He was a charmer, calling most of his 700 employees “hoss.”

Jimmy became a leader the hard way, working through the Depression armed only with a high school diploma. Nonetheless, he forever changed the business landscape by originating the first factory-outlet mall. Read more...

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