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Integrating Intuition with Deep Thinking

A major concept in this systems theory is developed around the notion of fusion between the emotions and the intellect. The degree of fusion in people is variable and discernible. The greater the fusion, the more life is governed by automatic emotional forces that operate despite man’s intellectual verbalization to the contrary. The greater the fusion between the emotions and the intellect, the more the individual is fused into the emotional fusions of the people around him. The greater the fusion, the more man is vulnerable to physical illness emotional illness and social illness and the less he is able to consciously control his own life. It is possible for man to discriminate between the emotions and the intellect and to slowly gain more conscious control of emotional functioning.
Family Therapy In Clinical Practice, Murray Bowen, MD, 1977, p. 305

A review of The Success Equation: Untangling Skill and Luck in Business, Sports, and Investing by Michael J. Mauboussin

Wondering what makes it so hard to make good decisions? Reading or really seriously studying Mauboussin’s new book ( is a fascinating education in how the brain misperceives the environment in predictable ways.

Mauboussin identifies the ways we can be tricked by short cut thinking and rules of thumb decision-making. He even makes it seem possible, before breakfast, to understand a bit about correlations and decision-making linkages, statistical thinking and reversion to the mean. By carefully explaining the difference between luck and skill and how we often mistake one for the other, Mauboussin helps us enhance our ability to perceive the world.

For example, it makes sense but still requires untangling luck and skill to acknowledge that luck plays a significant role in which team wins the Stanley Cup or the Super Bowl. Once skill is evenly matched among the participants, there is some room for luck to make a difference. There can be interplay between skill and luck when one is very disciplined in acquiring skill. Often people mix up luck and skill as in a coin toss. The fact that one event is not influencing another is lost when people begin to feel lucky and believe that a hot hand can influence outcomes. Read more.

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