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The Mindful Compass

At long last after four years, Your Mindful Compass: Breakthrough Strategies for Navigating Life / Work Relationshps in Any Social Jungle is available on Amazon.

Your Mindful Compass takes us behind the emotional curtain to see the mechanisms which regulate individuals in social systems. It is hard to see that we become anxious, stressed out and even recognize that we are difficult to deal with. "Thinking systems" can open the doors of perception, allowing us to experience the world in a different way. We can gain greater flexibility by seeing how social controls work in systems from ants to humans. To be less controlled by others, we learn how emotional systems influence our relationship-oriented brain.

This book offers coaching ideas and stories from leaders as to strategies to break out from social control. By thoughtfully altering one's part in the relationship system, no one knows how far one can go by making an effort to be more of a self-defined individual in relationships to others. Through increasing emotional maturity, we can find greater individual freedom at the same time that we increase our ability to cooperate and to be close to others. Read more...

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