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It's the Family Stupid

Violence appears to be on the rise. People are asking for explanations.

We are faced with a cluster of events – Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombings, the California killings, a California man arrested for a possible bombing attempt, followed by a rogue shooter in Norfolk Va., who did not even make the national news as he killed “only” two people.[1]

People turn on social media to hear mental health experts explain the problem. The experts tell us the diagnostic code: they were depressed, anxious, autistic or had Asberger’s Syndrome. They say nothing about the family or the social system.

It’s the media that follows up on leads to understand and tell us: “It’s the family, stupid.”

It’s the media that tells us all about the roots of the problem? But most of us only see the individual.

As in the flower below the individual is where the action is. The surrounding system is forgotten.  Read more.

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