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Small Differences that Make a Difference

Murray Bowen had a way to make people think differently about the social nature of systems, and the challenges any social systems present to self. There are people who knew Dr Bowen well and who had a great deal of contact with him, and many more who had a brief encounter. Those drawn to Bowen and his theory are often people who are fascinated by systems and believe that problems can be understood by looking at the big picture, and thereby understanding how the smaller parts are functioning.

Val Brown, Ph.D., is one such person. As the developer of NeurOptimal®, a form of neurofeedback, he has been involved with a significant number of people in the Bowen network. There is a DVD, Resiliency in the Family & the Brain, available of the last conference that Priscilla Friesen organized with Val Brown.

Many of us have used NeurOptimal to reduce anxiety in the effort to improve functioning in the important relationships. Bottom line - it takes a lot of brain stamina to keep going when you are trying to define a more separate self in a real life emotional system. You will hear some of this in the interview below... read more.......

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